Build a status dashboard with NetBeez

A status dashboard is a valuable resource that enables a service provider, such as an ISP, a SaaS company, and even an internal IT group, to share in full transparency the status of the services rendered.

Another benefit of a service status dashboard is that it reduces the strain on technical support. Instead of contacting the customer support team, end-users can be instructed to point their browser to the URL where the status dashboard is hosted. In the following example is a demo status dashboard hosted by NetBeez at

If you are looking to host a service status dashboard, NetBeez offers a simple way to build one via its public API ( You can also use the template that we made available for download on GitHub. The installation process is pretty straightforward and easy to follow for non technical users.

  1. Download and install the package: Go to the NetBeez GitHub page GitHub - netbeez/public-dashboard and download the files directly on the web-server that is used for hosting the status dashboard.
  2. Configure the targets and agents that you want to display on the dashboard in the admin panel.
  3. Share the URL with your end-users.