Update the Docker subnet configurations

This procedure for on-prem/self-hosted server installations shows how to update the default configuration settings for Docker’s subnets ( This is recommended since, by default, Docker uses commonly used RFC 1918 subnets that may cause conflicts with agents deployed in networks with the same address space.

Step 1: Update the following file:


Add the following into this file (if it doesn’t exist then create it):


Step 2: Restart the services:

service docker restart
nb-docker-compose down
nb-docker-compose up -d

watch docker ps

#check networks:
netstat -rn

If anything goes wrong check the docker daemon logs: /var/log/upstart/docker.log

If the log is not there then check here: logging - Where is the Docker daemon log? - Stack Overflow

If the NetBeez services don’t successfully start then try restarting them: Server Docker Containers: Start/Stop/Check

Configuration should look like this (netstat -rn) U  0 0   0 br-5be9904f0518 U  0 0   0 docker0 U  0 0   0 br-c58b044bfd67 U  0 0   0 br-4b69573027b9 U  0 0   0 br-05bd337a691e U  0 0   0 br-1d9d57e29812 U  0 0   0 br-32c6d4c269b4 U  0 0   0 br-6a826bf57396
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