Updates on the Splunk Integration

With version 13 our team went ahead with a much needed refactor of all the integrations, clearly defining the different available notification types and allowing you to pick and choose which notification types you would be interested in receiving on the specific integration. As Splunk continuous to be one of the major integrations we support, the notification types applicable to Splunk are:

  1. Device Alerts (individual)
  2. Target Alerts (individual)
  3. Wifi Alerts (individual)
  4. Incidents on Agents, Targets, or Wifi networks.

Here’s how these translate to events on the Splunk dashboard.


Old version:

Hasn’t worked in the past.

New version:




The alert object was barebones and had little information regarding the sources of the alert such as the opening_alert_id and the hostname of the BeezKeeper server.


Includes the hostname of your BeezKeeper server, a new source_stream field on the root object to denote that this message is coming from the netbeez notification stream.

Device Alerts:

Similar changes as in the Alerts message object described in the previous paragraph.





How This Impacts You

If you are utilizing Splunk for monitoring and managing devices within your network, these changes will provide you with more concise and meaningful information, aiding in faster decision-making and issue resolution.

We Want to Hear From You

If you are using Splunk with NetBeez, we’d love to hear how it is helping your day-to-day workflow. Your feedback is valuable to us and helps in shaping the tools that support your needs. Feel free to reach out and share your experience.