NetBeez releases BeezKeeper version 14.1! - Scheduled Test Alerts!

Hello community!

Today we are happy to announce that we are releasing version 14.1 of the BeezKeeper server and agents that includes new product features and improvements, bug fixes, and multiple security updates.

Please read this entire message carefully, as there is important information that pertains to your installation. You may read the 14.1 Release Notes at our documentation site.

New Features

Scheduled Tests Refactor

We have moved some things around to make running larger scale tests easier to manage and maintain (on the backend). This doesn’t mean much for you the end-user but as we iterate on this you’ll keep seeing more improvements. Specifically the refactor allowed us to unlock the following new and exciting features:

Scheduled Test Alerts

You’ll now be able to define your own alerting conditions for Iperf, Network Speed and VoIP tests. The alerting conditions can include any and all of the metrics reported by each test, combined using AND or OR operators, by comparison between simple watermark values, or baseline averages over a longer period. E.g. “If the average Iperf: latency value of the last 3 runs is greater than 2 times the average latency of the last 20 runs.”



You’ll be able to enable notifications on the scheduled test alerts triggered to be sent over SMTP, Syslog, MS Teams, Slack and Webhooks.

Scheduled Test Run Modes

We are also introducing 2 new Run modes: serial and random on top of the current default run mode which was parallel.


  • Serial with run each agent’s test in a M-to-1 test, always one after the other.
  • Random will run each agent test uniformly within a predefined time window. Tests will still be overlapped but they will be uniformly spread out within the time window you defined.

IPv6 Ping

You can now setup Ping tests against IPv6 addresses or FQDNs to hosts that resolve to IPv6, and you can force the test to always use the IPv6 address to perform the test.


Additional Features and Improvements

Here are some select improvements we have made during this release cycle:

  • PMF allowed on WPA2: You can now define the PMF flag on WPA2 WiFi network profiles.
  • Path Analysis Pause/Resume: You can now pause and resume Path Analysis tests.

  • CSV export of Agent lists.

Bug fixes

And of course lots of bug fixes; 51 to be exact. Here is a sample:

  • Agent: Resolves issue where in some cases Windows Remote Worker Agent configuration file gets wiped.
  • Agent: Resolves issue where WPA3 was not being recognized after Agent boot.
  • Agent: Resolves issue where Mac Remote Worker Agent would fail to install on MacOS 14.0.
  • Agent: Resolves issue where error was not returned to dashboard with is blocked.
  • Agent: Resolves issue where Iperf2 error for name or service not known was not caught.
  • API: Resolves issue when filtering Scheduled Tests by Source Agent would return duplicate tests if more than two agents matched the filter.
  • Server: Resolves issue where Agent interactive console may sometimes send double output.
  • UI: Resolves issues where Status dots on Target sidebar did not report correct status.
  • UI: Resolves issue where filtering Scheduled Tests by destination Agent was not working properly.
  • UI: Resolves issue where Target Template Website URL Can Be Longer than 255 Characters.
  • UI: Resolves issue where sorting by alerts on Scheduled Test Details was not working.

Updating Your Installation

Software Repositories and Firewall Dependencies

The BeezKeeper server will automatically upgrade to the latest release in two weeks, unless manually overridden. The upgrade will also cascade to agents. This upgrade process may take up to 30 minutes on the server side, so please DO NOT REBOOT the server during this time. Instead if you feel like the upgrade process encountered an issue please send an email to

Ensure your network firewall is configured to allow the server to connect to NetBeez and third-party software repositories such as Ubuntu and Docker. Agents are authorized to access TCP/443 on the server. Learn more about the firewall rules required and the update process.

We hope you are getting the most out of your NetBeez deployment. As always, we are available at to answer any question or address any issue you might have.

Feel free to send us you feedback by replying to this announcement here. Let’s get the conversation going!

Panickos and the NetBeez team

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