NetBeez releases BeezKeeper version 14.0!

Hello community!

Today we are happy to announce that we are releasing version 14.0 of the BeezKeeper server and agents that includes new product features and improvements, bug fixes, and multiple security updates. If you are running a NetBeez server you should see the update flag soon image.

Please read this entire message carefully, as there is important information that pertains to your installation. You may read the 14.0 Release Notes at our documentation site.

New Features

Monitoring Conditions

The new Monitoring Conditions feature is designed to enable flexibility in monitoring targets for Remote Worker Agents. With Monitoring Conditions, NetBeez empowers you to create multiple monitoring condition sets, each tailored to specific contexts, enabling granular control and precise monitoring of your network assets, depending on the network environment where each agent is in. For more information checkout this post.

Support for WiFi 6

NetBeez now supports WiFi 6 and WPA3! This means that you can now take advantage of the latest WiFi standards to improve the performance and security of your wireless network. For more information checkout this post.

Additional Features and Improvements

Here are some select improvements we have made during this release cycle:

  • API: Download Agent lists in CSV using the agents API endpoint.
  • API: When retrieving Path Analysis results you can now request supplemental ASN and geolocation information.
  • API: Added Five9 SaaS template options.
  • UI: Users can now click on the “open in new tab” icon next to the Agent name to when hovering over an Agent in the Agent List.
  • UI: Agent Network Interface models are now columns that can be viewed in the Agent List.
  • UI: Dashboard now loads more responsively while retrieving Agent information for large instances.
  • Agent: WARP VPN is now supported by Remote Worker Agents.

Bug Fixes

And of course lot’s of bug fixes; 108 to be exact. Here is a sample:

  • Agent: Fixed issue where NDT error messages are not parsed correctly for Windows Remote Worker Agents.
  • Agent: Fixed issue where DHCP timing was not being timed correctly.
  • Agent: Fixed issues for Windows Remote Worker Agents where Iperf tests would encounter TCP connection issues under certain conditions.
  • Agent: Fixed issue where hping3 parsing drops first digit.
  • API: Fixed issue where Target list was not filtering correctly on Incident status.
  • API: Fixed issue when retrieving ASN information by IP address was not including all possible results.
  • API: Fixed issue where Aggregated Alerts were being sent regardless if Aggregated alerts were turned off in Notification Settings.
  • API: Fixed issue where, under certain conditions, Path Analysis hops would be in the incorrect order.
  • Server: Fixed issue where, under certain conditions, the message service process would crash due to being out of memory and would cause Agent socket to be come stuck.
  • UI: Fixed issue where Ad Hoc Ping tests did not recognize _gateway_ as a valid destination.
  • UI: Fixed issue where when first editing a Target, emails provided in the email configuration were not being presented unless the user navigates away and attempted to edit the Target again.
  • UI: Fixed issue on Buzz tab where Incident graphs were not updating without a page refresh.
  • UI: Fixed issue where Network Speed and VoIP Ad Hoc Tests just return zero values instead of errors.

Updating Your Installation

Software Repositories and Firewall Dependencies

The BeezKeeper server will automatically upgrade to the latest release in two weeks, unless manually overridden. The upgrade will also cascade to agents. This upgrade process may take up to 30 minutes on the server side, so please DO NOT REBOOT the server during this time. Instead if you feel like the upgrade process encountered an issue please send an email to

Ensure your network firewall is configured to allow the server to connect to NetBeez and third-party software repositories such as Ubuntu and Docker. Agents are authorized to access TCP/443 on the server. Learn more about the firewall rules required and the update process.

We hope you are getting the most out of your NetBeez deployment. As always, we are available at to answer any question or address any issue you might have.

Feel free to send us you feedback by replying to this announcement here. Let’s get the conversation going!

One more thing!! Stay tuned for release 14.1 in the coming weeks with more highly anticipated features (hint: Alerts on Scheduled Tests and some IPv6 sugar)!

Panickos and the NetBeez team