Wifi 6 Dongle for Wifi sensors


We would like to have wifi6 capable sensors like you have now the wifi5 sensors with an external dongle of the Netbeez Sensor.
What are the ideas for deploying wifi6 Netbeez Sensors of the shelf ?


Hi Edwin,

We are testing a solution now but is based on the RPi4 and the Comfast 951AX

The RPi4 is still in very limited availability, but if you have one I can send you a beta image to test it.

Let me know.


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Hi Panos,
Thnx for this update, good to know that you are working on a wifi6 solution.
Unfortunately I don’t have a RPI4. Is it possible to give an estimated timeline for launch this new Wifi6 sensor ?

C2 VodafoneZiggo Internal


It almost seems it might be easier to buy a few intel NUC’s and point them to the NetBeez dashboard because we are going to need Wi-Fi 6E very soon.