Self-built WiFi hardware sensors


I’d like to build my own hardware WiFi agents for my NetBeez instance. Can you guide me through a step-by-step process to build them and configure them myself? Please include the hardware requirements/options.

Thank you!

Once you have access to a NetBeez dashboard you have two options:

  1. On a Debian/Ubuntu/Windows/Mac host that has a WiFi interface install the NetBeez agent
  2. If you have a Raspberry Pi send an email to with your dashboard’s secret and you will receive an image to burn on the SD card

Option 1) This approach provides the benefit of installing an agent on a host that is not exclusively dedicated to NetBeez. However, it may lack reporting for WiFi timing (such as association, authentication, and DHCP), and the WiFi configuration (e.g. WiFi password) needs to be set up manually by the host user.
Option 2) The Raspberry Pi 3B only supports 2.4GHz, while the 3B+ and newer models support both 2.4 and 5 GHz. If you require a WiFi dongle, the supported chipset is RTL8812AU (e.g. Comfast 912ac). This option allows you to create a fully-featured agent that can report WiFi timing information and manage WiFi configuration through the dashboard.