Request for Updating Wifi drivers Netbeez Sensors

Hi, I do have a question about the used wifi drivers at the netbeez sensors. We noticed that those drivers are not up2date anymore. Is it possible to update the wifi drivers to the latest one ?


Have you seen specific problems with the current drivers?


Hi Panos,

We are running an issue with some AP’s we have. Our supplier is given feedback about our used sensor in relation to the used wifii drivers at the sensor. Is it possible to update the wifi drivers to the latest one ?
We do have some discussion with our supplier that we are not using the most up2date drivers. And there are some doubts of the results of the sensor statistics. They use also raspberry PI’s with other drivers and don’t see the same issue we have. Thats the reason for asking.

Is there a specific agent that we should try first?

Yes, that would be fine. Lets pick : “Sensor16 -R350-02-ASD-Kabelweg” I gues it is Sensor5 in your database of our Sensors.
Can you already share the version you would to install ?

The latest version is

Is that what they are recommeding?

They didn’t recommend any version. thnx for sharing. I will inform them anyway.

If you were able to update the driver for that sensor, will you please give me a ping ?

@evessen driver updated on the agent. Let me know how it if this makes any difference.

Hi, thnx for the update. At this moment I don’t see any differences in results. The discussion we have will make this a bit easier I hope.
Would you please update all our sensors ? Do you need more info from my site ?

We can take care of this next week. I will keep you updated.

Thnx Panos. Have a nice weekend !