Dashboard login issues

Hi, last weeks I do have some issues to get logged on at the dashboard. most of the times it is possible to get logged on but it may takes a few minutes to get there.
The progress bar is stil displayed on the webpage and after a few minutes the logon succeeded. But that not always the case, sometimes I need to apply the url again.
Is there something I can for getting logged on as smart as it was before ?

Hi @evessen ,

There is a known issue that affects some instances. We have a patch for it. I will apply it on your instance soon.


Hi Panickos,

Thnx for the info !
Please let me known if it is ready.

Give it a shot. It should be working faster now.

Hi Panickos,

It looks like it is already fixed, logon is now very fast and easy.
Did you already apply that patch ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thnx in advance.

grtz Edwin.

Yes, I did apply the patch.